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Z-Man Games Announces Miaui

It's that time again. The tides have turned and flooded the lagoon with all manner of fish. Now's the time to get your gear and head out into the waves. By whatever means necessary, grab the best fish to present at the annual fishing festival! That's the story behind Miaui, a new game coming from Z-Man Games.

From the announcement:

The ocean waves crash into the shore on a bright summer day. As the villagers start their morning, a cry goes out. The tide has changed and filled the lagoon to bursting with fish of all shapes and sizes! The Miauians quickly hurry to grab their preferred fishing equipment: everything from fishing rods and nets to a snorkel and spear. Racing down to the water, cats of all ages dive in to chase after the best fish. The annual fishing festival has begun!

Travel to the tropical island filled with cats in Miaui! Cute illustrations and light, fun gameplay make this card game a perfect addition for family game night. Pre-order your copy of Miaui today from our webstore or your local retailer.