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Z-Man Games Announces Kingsburg Expansion #6

Kingsburg from Z-Man Games is getting a new expansion. Its sixth, in fact. In this one, like the regular game, you'll be trying to decide the best use of resources for the town. But there's a twist that will have everyone on their toes before the final planning is done. What could it be? Have yourself a look in this preview.

From the announcement:

The King’s advisors have convened once again to pool together their collective resources in hopes of saving Kingsburg for yet another year. Only this time, their offerings will change at some point during the game.

Revolving Rewards

The premise is simple. Essentially, at the start of each productive season, a new advisor reward is revealed and placed on top of its spot on the board, replacing the reward players have grown familiar with. Eventually, each advisor will feature a brand-new effect, allowing players access to the advisor’s new reward while removing its existing reward for the remainder of the game.