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Z-Man Games Announces Hadara Board Game

Welcome to the dawn of civilization. Grab your rudimentary spear and other primitive gear. Advanced technology is just thataway. We'll be headed there shortly. In Hadara, a new board game coming from Z-Man Games, players will be in charge of their own civilization at the dawn of time. They will then see that civilization grow and develop through the ages. What facets will you focus on as you continue through time?

From the website:

The weavers work at their looms, carefully pulling threads together to form a beautiful tapestry. Large bundles of fabric are dipped into containers of dye, emerging with vibrant and deep hues. Traders and merchants fill the stalls of the market, calling out to customers as they display goods from around the world. Nearby, a steady hammering sounds out as an architect directs builders placing supports for the new structure in the center of the city. In the rolling hills outside the city, sheep steadily graze on the grass as the farmers keep watch and tend to their crops. Slowly but surely the civilization expands and grows into a massive empire.

A civilization building game with an innovative card selection system, Hadara lets players strategically select allies and develop new technologies to build their strength, culture, and prestige as they grow their civilization through the epochs of human history. Pre-order your copy of Hadara through our website or your local retailers.