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Z-Man Games Announces Carcassonne Safari

From the city to the bush. Z-Man Games is taking Carcassonne out into the wilds of Africa in their latest game. Carcassonne Safari is the same tile-laying that you've come to love, but in a much different location. Go out and see all the wild animals of the savannah on a wild safari.

From the website:

The lion roars from the shadows of the baobab tree as the zebra darts past. The ground shakes with the thunderous footballs of elephants. Looking through your binoculars, you zoom in on the towering giraffe slowly lowering its neck to the edge of a pool of clear water. The watering hole is key to survival under the sweltering African sun. You wait patiently, excited to see even more animals on your safari.

Travel to the African savanna and experience the classic tile-laying game with a new twist in Carcassonne: Safari!  Pre-order your copy through our webstore or your local retailer today.

Wild Animals Roam the Savanna

From the mischievous monkey to the proud lion, many different species of animal roam the African savanna. With 72 land tiles and 50 animal tiles, you and your fellow safari-goers will have a lot of ground to cover to see the diverse wildlife scattered around the plains. Climb the baobab tree to get a birds-eye view, walk the trails and spot the animals hiding in the bush, blaze new trails with the ranger vehicles, and dig watering holes where wildlife can peacefully gather.