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Z-Man Games Announces Anniversary Edition of Stone Age

For those of us here in the Northern Hemisphere, winter is upon us. Thankfully, with the comforts of modern society, we don't actually have to go out and collect wood to burn, or worry about having enough food. The Stone Age was a little different, where survival wasn't guaranteed. Stone Age, the worker placer game, recreates that feeling, and Z-Man Games has announced a new 10-year anniversary version.

From the announcement:

Usher in a new era of civilization at the dawn of humanity. Beginning with archaic tools, you must collect wood, stone, and gold to attain higher levels of knowledge and build sturdier structures. Through diligence and insight, you can build the foundation of human civilization and persevere through the high heat of summer and the harsh cold of winter to lead your people to a better life.

Stone Age Anniversary celebrates 10 years of the classic worker placement game and features foil detailing on the box, screenprinted meeple, a double-sided board and new mini expansions for additional content. Pre-order your copy of Stone Age Anniversary through our webstore or your local retailer today!

Persevere Through Winter

For 10 years, thousands of gamers have strategically sent out members of their tribe to collect resources and move their civilization forward. Stone Age has become a favorite worker placement game for many. In Stone Age Anniversary, players will not only be able to play the classic game they know and love, they’ll take their civilization through winter with variants and mini expansions to add more gameplay.