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Z-Man Games Adds New Friends to Stuffed Fables

I always thought, as a kid, that my toys would come alive while I was away or asleep, a-la stuff like Toy Story (though many decades before that movie actually came out). In the land of Stuffed Fables, that's the case as well. The Oh, Brother! expansion gives you new friends to join in on the adventures. Z-Man Games introduces us to them in this article.

From the article:

A new baby brother and two new friends join the fun in the new Stuffed Fables expansion, Oh, Brother! The Fall have returned, and now, years later, the new baby brother is in need of protection. Can the brave stuffies, and newcomers Pokey the Unicorn and Manny, save the day once again in this new story?

Order the Stuffed Fables: Oh, Brother Expansion online or from your local game store today!