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Yohei Skirmish Game Coming to Kickstarter

A corrupt Emperor, pitting his people against one-another. An exiled hero, whom the populace hopes makes a return soon. Demons, bound after an ancient war, trying to re-enter our world. That's what awaits you in Yohei, a new skirmish game coming to Kickstarter next week from Draco Ideas and Eclipse Editorial.

About the game:

here is a collection of manuscripts, written by the survivors of the first war against the demons, which claims that under the Island of Jiin two gates forged thousands of years ago hold back the demonic forces repelled by Arashi “the Exile”.

A hero expelled by a false emperor; a demented ruler who has plunged the country into an endless civil war, setting the people against each other while they eagerly hope for the return of the one who will free them form tyranny; and rumors of monsters patiently awaiting to regain with blood what they once lost….

Yoheiis a skirmish game born from the combination of Japanese folkloric mysticism and its heroic deeds.

Yohei combines die rolling, modular boards, and card management to immerse you in the battles fought by the warriors you hire. Around 30 minutes per player to earn the victory by constructing buildings, summoning powerful events, invoking legendary weapons, and crushing your enemy.

Yohei offers 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, and 3 player free-for-all skirmishes. And a story mode with different endings. For those who manage to master the game and want to delve deeper into its mechanics, you can also build your own decks with your favorite characters and events seeking endless combinations and hidden tricks among the skills, weapons and heroes of Jiin.