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Ylera Valley RPG Campaign Setting Guide Up On Kickstarter

What if you're looking to up the Eldritch Horror that can so easily be added to your D&D campaign? Well, you can grab a copy of Ylera Valley, a new campaign setting guide that's up on Kickstarter now. Everyone can use some more tentacles.

From the campaign:

The Ylera Valley is a fertile mountain dale with one rule: stay inside at night. The valley is ruled by Overking Ventru, a powerful and deranged lich. As the party explores the valley and seeks a means of overthrowing their sorcerous overlord, they will begin to learn an uncomfortable truth - that perhaps the Overking’s dark magic is the only thing keeping a greater evil at bay...

The Ylera Valley is our first campaign setting. Keeping with our Limitless style, you can add this mountain valley to any existing 5e campaign. This book will be a hybrid of our normal product types and contains encounters, locations, new monsters, NPCs, and new magical items to thrill your PCs. 

The Ylera Valley campaign setting takes player characters from first through fifth level in an open sandbox. Certain locations have adventures that progress the overall story as the party battles Ventru's forces. The adventures and encounters are mix of combat, roleplay, puzzles, traps, and skill challenges that allow the party to explore and discover the secrets of the valley beyond just following the main quest line. This also gives the DM flexibility on campaign length.

The campaign's more than 2x funded but only has 3 days left to go.