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Yaah! Magazine Issue 12 Now Available To Pre-Order

It's always good to have yourself a gaming magazine on hand. You never know when you'll find a couple spare minutes to hang out and do some reading. For those looking to get a handle on one as soon as it's hot off the presses, you can get your name on the list and pre-order issue 12 of Yaah! Magazine now. You'll save a bit of money, too.

In this issue:

Crazy, over 25% off, preorder price. We want you to read and game what we feel is one damn fine boardgaming magazine. So, we priced Yaah! 12 at the lowest preorder price in Flying Pig's history. Just 29$! Read below to see what you get. This is a preorder. The magazine and game will ship in early 2019. Do you need a gaming break after the long, hot, stormy months of summer? Issue 12 of Yaah! might be what you need. Also note that Yaah! is just what you need even if your summer wasn't long, hot, and stormy - because we've got an issue loaded with reviews and other bits to suit every conflict gaming taste - plus a full game packed in for good measure. This issue's complete game is "Macarthur's Defeat", designer Arrigo Velicogna's take on the 1941 Japanese invasion of the island of Luzon. It features a full sheet of 176 counters and a 22 x 17 game map that includes an inset area map of the Bataan peninsula. If you need a little vacation from yourself, Yaah! 12 has you covered with articles on two new RPG systems: Brad Smith gives us a quick take on Mark H. Walker's Dark wars RPG, while Eddie Carlson has a review of the Genesys role-playing system from Fantasy Flight Games. Hexgrid warriors need not fear, however, because the rest of the magazine is devoted to happy, shiny cardboard carnage. Game designer Greg Porter offers his insights on Flyng Pig Games' new Armageddon War. John Burt delivers a couple of in-depth reviews: A look at both Stalingrad: Verdun on the Volga from Last Stand Games and the new edition of The Battle of Rosebud Creek from Legion Games. It can't really be 2018 without including some coverage of World War I, so Roger Leroux pens a review of Hexasim's Great War Commander, while Nick O'Neill gives us a look at Raiders of the Deep from Compass Games. Norm Lunde moves things back to a more modern setting with his piece covering the BAOR and FRG expansions for GMT's MBT (try typing all of that really fast...), and speaking of modern, Brad Smith writes about his opwn design...NATO AIR Commander. Finally, Matt Foster rounds out the lineup with a look at Hollandspiele's Table Battles. Yaah! 12 is a thick 80 pages of gaming wonderfulness that you can't live without! This is a preorder. The game and magazine ship in early 2019.