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Wyrd's Easter Sale Coming Next Week

Wyrd loves their sales. They get you some cool minis for less than you'd usually spend. And they're big on alternate sculpts for figures. This year's Easter Sale is no different. They've got their cool figs for cheaper than usual. And they've got their alternate sculpts. In this case, it's some different Stitched Togethers.

From the post:

We like to have fun when creating alt models for our annual sales. During last year's Easter Sale, we had Ross Jebson, a Gremlin with a knack for painting happy little pig bellies (don't fret: he's available this year, too). 

This year's no different (okay, it's a little different). The Neverborn's favorite burlap sack, the Stitched Together, are mixing things up a bit. Instead of being filled with meat and bones, the Bear-ly Together alt models are made of cotton, candy, and mayhem.

These alt models are available as one package with three unique sculpts for just $35.00, made out of the same plastic as the vast majority of our Malifaux models. Make sure to get your hands on these adorable stuffed animals, exclusively during this year's Easter Sale*!

*Disclaimer: Bear-ly Togethers are feverishly hungry and their favorite food is glue-dipped fingers. Assemble and paint at your own risk.