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Wyrd Releases The Other Side Company Builder App

When you want to keep your collections in order, having an app that's able to help out is invaluable. And Wyrd is here to help with your The Other Side collections with their Company Builder app. You can download it on multiple platforms now.

From the website:

Hey Wyrdos,

This week, after Waldo’s failed attempt to contact his friends on the Other Side with his séance, he asked around the office trying to borrow our cell phones in order to scrape together an extra-dimensional communication device. When we realized his “device” was just sticking all their batteries together in order to “juice up” his own phone, we figured it would be best for him to just try another method.

So, while we clean up from Waldo’s mess this week and remove the candid photo of Imp Butt left on each of our devices, let’s take a look at The Other Side Company Builder app, available now for free on the Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and through your browser!