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Wyrd Releases New Penny Dreadful One-Shot Adventure

The holiday season is upon us and that means lots of potential time to get together with your gaming group and get a session in. If you're looking for a quick, one-shot, the Penny Dreadful line is perfect, and there's a new one available now. Waves of Cordacove is just another in the long list of reasons why I don't want to ever go swimming in anything but a well-taken care of pool. You can get this new Through the Breach adventure now.

From the post:

Hey Wyrdos,

This week, Waldo decided to take a trip to the other side of the world in order to keep warm. When we followed him (to make sure he didn’t get in any trouble, of course), we got swept up in an adventure along the way.

So, while we wait for Waldo to get sick of the sunshine and come back to the cold, let’s take a look at the latest Through the Breach One Shot: Waves Off Cordacove, which is available right now!