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Wyrd Previews the Story of Raijin for Malifaux

No, it's not a piece of fluff. It's a new mini. The Story of Raijin will be making its way to your Malifaux tabletops soon and you can get a look at a render of his mini as well as his card in this preview from Wyrd.

From the article:

Hey Wyrdos,

This week, Waldo decided that he wanted to learn how to play an instrument. Before we got too excited that the office was going to be filled with music, he had already set up a drumkit. All it took was one “ba-dum-tch” and we knew our productivity was in treble. After snaring a few beats, we asked him to only play after hours – or there would be re-percussions. His response was a little... drum-atic.

So, while we pine for cymbal-er days, let’s reveal another upcoming character for Malifaux: the Story of Raijin!