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Wyrd Previews new The Other Side/Malifaux Releases

The Other Side is Wyrd's look at the real world that's set opposite from Malifaux. However, though the two games are separate, they take place in the same universe and it's not unheard of for things to cross back and forth. In this preview, Wyrd looks at some figures from The Other Side and looks at their stats in Malifaux, as well as some of the new releases that are headed to your tabletops soon.

From the article:

Hey Wyrdos,

This week, after our big Malifaux Burns announcement, Waldo joined a volunteer fire department. As soon as he realized that firefighters don’t start fires and instead extinguish them, he lost interest.  

So, while we put on a streaming campfire video to keep Waldo occupied, let’s take one last look at The Other Side’s Starter Box before its pre-release at Gen Con!

In previous Waldo’s Weeklies, we’ve shown off what the Guild looks like in both Malifaux and The Other Side, including how Sonnia plays in both games, but we’ve only covered Kirai for the Court of Two and Resurrectionists thus far. Today we’re changing that!

In case it bears repeating, The Other Side’s upcoming Starter Box will be compatible with both The Other Side and Malifaux Third Edition. While the Starter Box is predominantly focused on The Other Side, each character included will have an associated Malifaux stat card so that they are playable in both games.