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Wyrd Previews Winston Finnigan For Malifaux

A new Explorer's Club member is on display for Malifaux. It's Winston Finnigan and he's really hoping to go through the whole battle without spilling his drink or having to put down his cigar. Get a look at his card below.

From the post:

Hey Wyrdos!

This week Waldo decided he’d cozy up with some popcorn, a cask of orange soda, some minty-fresh toothpaste, and his favorite steel wool blanket. What was the occasion? A true crimes show marathon, of course! Not everyone in the office was a fan, but Waldo said that the only thing better than a good murder mystery is a good party. We’re not quite sure how those two connect in his mind, but we’re keeping an eye out all the same.

While we’re avoiding Waldo’s plans for what he’s calling “murder brunch”, we thought it would be fitting to show off one of the latest Explorer’s Society models with a background equally excessive and mysterious! The man who helped found Winston Dirigibles and survived the Massacre at the Star Theater (after returning under mysterious circumstances): Winston Finnigan himself!