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Wyrd Previews Two New Malifaux Minis

"Can't sleep. Clowns will eat me." Actually, when The Dreamer sleeps, it's that the clowns might eat you. Fortunately (or maybe not), the little fella's been having trouble getting sleep lately. Get a look at his new cards, as well as the cards for Lady Yume in this Malifaux preview.

From the preview:

This week, we found Waldo sleepwalking around the office. While dealing with his singed linens is already a daily occurrence, we didn’t expect to see him walking along the walls and double-checking any loose or dead lightbulbs.

So, while we clean imp-prints off the ceiling, let’s take a look at another upcoming Master title – the Dreamer, Insomniac – as well as a character who will be joining his (and Asami’s) crew!