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Wyrd Previews The Surveyors for Malifaux

Another week, another post from Wyrd about what they're working on. This time around, it's a look at some more figures from Malifaux, specifically the Explorer's Guild. These dapper blokes are the Surveyors. And they're here to do more than figure out sync and leyline.

From the article:

This week, we found out Waldo kept a chunk of the Rosetta Stone he stole a while back. He’s been calling it Sylvester and made a little nest for it out of shredded newspaper and at least three of our jackets. To make it worse, he’s making rock puns all week. We decided to share some of his best with you. We apologize in advance.

Now, we know you don’t take previews for granite, so let’s get rolling like a stone!