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Wyrd Previews The Damned For Malifaux

Wyrd's got another preview of an upcoming Malifaux mini for you and it's once more for their newest faction, the Explorer's Society. *looks at the mini* Well, I'll be damned... err... I mean, I'll be looking at The Damned.

From the article:

Hey Wyrdos,

This week, we found Waldo in a not-so-empty office, as it was filled from floor to ceiling with foam fingers from every sporting event you could think of. While we appreciate him finally abiding by the new rule we had to enforce (“No bones, corpses, or anything resembling the undead in the office”), it clearly didn’t stop Waldo from following in The Damned’s footsteps in trying to become immortal. Based on the incoherent screaming, we’re guessing that it isn’t going so well.

So while we figure out what to do with all of this cut-up foam, let’s take a look at another upcoming Seeker (and Savage!) model, The Damned!