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Wyrd Previews Tatarigami for The Other Side

It's been a bit since we've gotten any specific The Other Side previews. That doesn't mean Wyrd hasn't been working on it. And when we did finally get this preview, it was a big-'un. Have yourselves a look at the Tatarigami, part of one of the new factions for the game.

From the preview:

Hey Wyrdos,

This week, Waldo started getting into the holiday spirit by… summoning a holiday spirit. We should have known he was up to snow good when he chanted “Yule be sorry.” I’ll never fir-get the frozen look on that ghost’s face when he found out the only reason he was brought back to the world of the living was for a recipe of Waldo’s favorite dish: poultry-geist.

So, while we deal with a hungry ghost of Christmas past, let’s take a sneak peek at an upcoming gargantuan of a character for The Other Side!

In case you missed it in our Gen Con 2021 video, we have officially announced the next two Allegiances for The Other Side: the Kimon (oni from a realm called the Beyond), and the Three Kingdoms (Japan, Vietnam, and China).

While the Kimon and Three Kingdoms are both a ways away from being released (likely late 2022), we wanted to give a glimpse of what’s to come for our large-scale wargame. And while some of you may have already seen the 3D sculpt of this model at one of our convention booths, most of you aren’t aware of who he is or what he’s going to do on the battlefield. So, without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the Tatarigami!