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Wyrd Previews Silent Knight for Malifaux

Wyrd's holiday sale is coming up quickly. As always, they're going all-out. Wyrd loves their holidays. In their weekly posting, they've posted up another Alternate Sculpt figure that will be part of the festivities. It's the Silent Knight (get it?) and you can go have yourselves a look now.

From the post:

Hey Wyrdos,

This week, Waldo thought that he’d help out with some of the ventilation in the office by cleaning the chimney. We didn’t know we had a chimney, or a fireplace, or even any ventilation issues. As it turns out, we don’t. I guess the good news is that he’s out of our hair for a while, but the bad news is that while we didn’t have any issues before, we certainly do now.  

So while we figure out where all of this black dust and ash is coming from, let’s take a look at another alt model that we’ll have available during the Black Friday sale, the Silent Knight!