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Wyrd Previews September Releases

We're just over a week into September. Seems like a good time to get an idea of what the rest of the month will look like. If you're a Malifaux player, you'll probably want to know when you need to head on down to the LGS and pick up some new figures. That's what we're here to help with today.

From the announcement:

The following items will be available for pick up at your Local Game Store later this month.

Street Date 9/25/20

  • WYR23204   Kirai Core Box   $  55.00   
  • WYR23208   Study Group   $  50.00   
  • WYR23404   Things that Go Bump   $  30.00   
  • WYR23414    Brood Mates   $  18.00   
  • WYR23505   Between the Ley-Lines   $  45.00   
  • WYR23518   Dead Outlaws   $  24.00   
  • WYR23622   War Pigs   $  45.00   
  • WYR23729   Lords of War   $  45.00