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Wyrd Previews Rotten Harvest 2021 Boxes

I'm a real sucker for alternate sculpts and skins for things. Yeah, the original may be cool, but what else could that character look like? Well, Wyrd is just as big into alternate looks and regularly comes out with new, limited edition versions of characters. One yearly tradition is their Rotten Harvest release. This year, it's two boxes. Have yourselves a look.

From the website:

We’re excited to show off the two limited Rotten Harvest boxes that will be available at your local game store from September through October.

Last year, Pandora gave out more tricks than treats with her Witches and Woes box. This year, Zoraida and her crew are bubbling up some trouble in the forest with the Toil and Trouble and Beware the Lights Rotten Harvest boxes! Let’s take a look.