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Wyrd Previews Pig Racer For Bayou Bash and Malifaux

And they went ahead and made the Pink Floyd reference for me. So there's that. Anyway, Wyrd has posted up a preview of the pig racer from Bayou Bash. Like all the minis from the game, they've also got stats to use them in Malifaux.

From the article:

Hey Wyrdos,

This week, Waldo decided to make a race track around the office to find out which office dog was the fastest. Despite all that hard “work”, the dogs ignored him (good dogs) and decided to continue doing what they do best: lounge on the couch.

So, while we dismantle the obstacles before someone falls into the “Pit of Despair” - Waldo’s inflatable pool full of corn syrup - let’s take a look at the last remaining playable racer in Bayou Bash, the Pig!

In the frantic and frenetic racing board game, the player who controls the Pig won’t have to worry about Water terrain in the same way as their competitors. Normally, when a racer enters a space with Water, they gain a Stagger Token, which can really throw a wrench in your plans. Thanks to their Hogwash Slosh ability, the Pig takes entering Water in stride – and might even gain a Gold Carrot if they Ram a racer into that space!

The Pig is one of the more aggressive racers in Bayou Bash, as they tend to focus on getting ahead by tossing their opponents to the wayside. Both Untame Tusk Toss and Pork Roast Rodeo provide unique opportunities to Ram racers and their Fans off the track or into Terrain while also providing unparalleled control of their Movement Dice in the process.