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Wyrd Previews Nocturnes For Malifaux

I'm in the dark a lot. I don't tend to have a ton of lights on in my apartment, and I'm up at O'Dark:30 in the morning. So, I'm used to being in shadow. But sometimes, you gotta worry about those shadows coming at you and attacking. At least, you do if you're in Malifaux. That's just what the Nocturnes are. They're new Minions for the Explorer's Society. Have a look for yourself.

From the post:

Hey Wyrdos!

This week, we found Waldo carrying a heavy flashlight and a sharp stick, claiming that the walls were looking at him funny and it was time somebody did something about it. Despite being confused, we all decided to wait and see what sorts of shady antics would ensue. Waldo turned out the lights and started poking around the office… and to be honest, not much happened.

Until, of course, one of the shadowy corners growled. Apparently, living shadows don’t appreciate it when they get a flashlight shined directly into their eyes. We managed to catch a photograph before Waldo charged bravely into the gloom, fending off claw and fang with his trusty stick.