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Wyrd Previews Nexus for Malifaux

Arachnophobes beware. Nexus, a new master for Malifaux, has a decidedly spidery nature. Kinda reminds me of the Other Mother. But anyway, if you want to get a look at what this skittering horror can do in the game, have yourselves a look.

From the preview:

Hey Wyrdos!

As all of you must know, Waldo is only one of two people in the office that can’t deal with spiders. Whenever one comes around, the rest of us get called to bring in the trusty Spider Containment Device (a cup and a piece of cardboard) to escort the arachnid elsewhere. When we heard Waldo’s characteristic shriek from the warehouse, we knew what to do. Except this time, it was something far more dangerous:

We aren’t sure how long they’ve been lurking around, but the webbing and weird black veins on everyone’s neck made us realize we might have a real problem on our hands.