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Wyrd Previews Miss Guided for Malifaux

Wyrd's all about alternate models for their figures as well as running special deals during events. They're putting the two together here with Miss Guided, an alternate Fuhatsu model that will be available to buy during Gen Con Online. But, if you want to get her for nothing, just spend $100 in their shop during the show. Simple.

From the article:

Hey Wyrdos!

Waldo decided he’d break out his summer look this week. We aren’t sure exactly why he thought an all-denim ensemble was a good idea, but our little imp refuses to take any constructive criticism on his choice of outfit. While Waldo struts around in his denim sunhat, denim arm warmers, and denim overalls with a denim handkerchief in his front pocket, we thought it would be a good time to show you another model that’s getting a new look!

Meet Miss Guided, our Miss model for 2020! As an alt Fuhatsu, Miss Guided offers Ten Thunders players of all kinds the opportunity to give their usual madman a quick vacation. If you’re looking for a great model to paint (or just a bit less craziness with just as much Gatling gun), then Miss Guided is for you! She’s going to be available during Wyrd’s Gen Con sale, and will be included for free on all orders over $100. Read the spiffy image below for more details.