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Wyrd Previews June Releases

Wyrd is looking to have themselves a really big June. How big? They've got 8 new releases coming. Plenty for Malifaux as well as Bayou Bash will be hitting tabletops. Want to know what you need to save your nickels for? Head on through to see.

From the article:

This week, we’re giving Waldo a break to take a look at some upcoming releases slated for June.

You read that right. The Iconic Fate Deck is making its long-awaited return and will be available for purchase soon. The Razorspine Rattlers got out of their boxes and those snakes terrified everyone in the warehouse, so it’s taking a little longer to get the Rattlers back into their packaging. Apologies for the wait!

June is just around the corner! These releases will be hitting store shelves in just a few months.

Make sure to tune in next week when we reveal the details of the upcoming Easter Sale!