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Wyrd Previews Holiday Sales Event

A week from today is Thanksgiving here in the US. That means we're 1 week +1 day from Black Friday. That means lots of special deals, including those from Wyrd for Malifaux. Want to know what to save up your nickels for? Have a look inside.

From the article:

This week, Waldo saw that we were working hard on getting the upcoming Retail Therapy 2020 Event (also known as our National Game and Puzzle Week, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, and Our Birthday Sale) ready for November 25th, so in typical fashion, he decided to take some paid time off.

So while he’s out of the office (and we figure out if he even gets paid in the first place), let’s take a look at some of the special offers that will be available during this year’s event!

You may have seen our news post yesterday, but just in case you missed it: the Explorer’s Society Faction Book will be available during the event, and if you get yourself a copy of the physical book before January 31st, 2021 (and also send in a receipt to us), you’ll receive a digital PDF of the book, absolutely free. Remember, you can support your favorite game store by picking up your Explorer’s Society book locally, starting this week (and if you have trouble finding Malifaux products in your area, you can always buy it direct on our webstore).

But that’s just the start!

Spend $100 with us during the event and you will receive the exclusive metal Grumpus Waldo miniature that comes with a special holiday Scenario for Malifaux, as well as a special holiday Operation for The Other Side!