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Wyrd Previews Hex Bows for Malifaux and The Other Side

Wyrd's showing off a new unit that's going to be pulling double duty on tabletops soon. They're the Hex Bows and you can use them in both Malifaux and The Other Side. Get a look at their stat cards for both games in this preview.

From the article:

Hey Wyrdos,

This week, after finding out that some employees at Wyrd are lactose intolerant, Waldo went shopping for cheese. Days later, we heard about an explosion at the cheese shop. Da brie was everywhere. After confronting Waldo about the incident, he said it was nacho problem. How dairy he. He should have had cheddar judgment.

So, while we clean up the mess in gouda time, let’s take a look at an upcoming group of characters that will be heading to battle in both The Other Side and Malifaux later this year: the Hex Bows!