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Wyrd Previews Gwisin For The Other Side

Wyrd has another preview they've posted for The Other Side, their upcoming miniatures game. This time around, it's a g-g-g-ghost! *leaps into a coworker's arms*

Yes, they're the Gwisin, strange apperitions in the service of Anton de Wils. Have yourselves a look.

From the website:

Hey Wyrdos,

This week, Waldo had a mental breakdown. Despite all the hellfire, brimstone, and burps, it turns out our little imp was more sensitive than we originally thought. In an effort to ease his mind, we built a makeshift sauna in the warehouse and cranked it up a couple hundred degrees (just a little hotter than the Georgia standard temperature) and within minutes, he was right at home. But just in case, we scheduled a therapy appointment for him (but not before explaining to them that their new patient has a tendency to spontaneously combust, of course).

So while he’s out teaching his therapist how to use a fire extinguisher, it’s time for us to reveal another upcoming unit in The Other Side, the Gwisin!