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Wyrd Previews Gibson DeWalt for Malifaux

Wyrd's giving us another preview of an Explorer's Society figure for Malifaux this week. We're getting a look at the art and cards for Gibson DeWalt. An inventor of some renown, he'll certainly bring some new abilities and options for your army builds.

From the article:

Waldo decided he’d try and become an inventor this week. He grabbed a bunch of random odds (scissors, yogurt lids) and ends (shoelaces, sticky notes) from everyone in the office. Then he stole the office microwave before anyone could stop him. We didn’t see him for a few (wonderfully) quiet days, but that was the calm before the storm. Waldo burst from his laboratory this afternoon chased by a furious machine (simultaneously cooking a chicken pot pie and destroying everything) that looked suspiciously like it was once a microwave. 

While we hide from Waldo’s creation (which he swears he has under control…), let’s show off another solitary inventor who is far more successful.