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Wyrd Previews Georgy and Olaf For Malifaux 3rd Edition

It's time for another Malifaux 3rd Edition preview. In this instance, we have the goblin duo Georgy and Olaf (not to be confused with Oglaf, which is something else entirely. Don't Google that at work). The two have a real Master/Blaster type relationship, something they mention often in the special rules for the figure.

From the website:

What's up Wyrdos?

I came in this morning to find that we've run out of coffee pods and Waldo's acting like civilization as we know it has ended. He's flying around with some of my color-shift paint sprayed on his mouth while spouting off nonsense like "I drink, I sleep, I drink again!" and has submitted a proposal that all office personnel issues be solved via Thunderdome. It would solve some problems…

Aaaaanyway, I suspect he took one look at this week's feature of Georgy and Olaf and thought they were on to something. 

Georgy and Olaf are some of the newest additions to the Big Hat Keyword, and this two-in-one beat down duo shows that teamwork really does make the dream work. The Ability Piggyback Ride exemplifies that Georgy is head and shoulders above his competition by being able to take Projectile Actions while engaged. Demise (I’m Done With This) allows Georgy to live, die, and live again, albeit as a Bayou Gremlin (but don’t tell Olaf that).