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Wyrd Previews From Nightmares for Through the Breach

Through the Breach, the Malifaux roleplaying game from Wyrd, is getting itself an expansion book next year. It's called From Nightmares and we get our first peek inside what sort of scary things will be included. Have yourselves a look and remember, dreams can't hurt you... right?

From the article:

From Nightmares is the upcoming expansion book for Through the Breach, our card-flipping, Fate-changing RPG set in the Malifaux universe. With this book, players will be able to explore the world of Malifaux like never before. Trudge through the gnarled and twisted forest of the Knotwoods, discover ancient rituals performed by lost Nephilim, and walk amongst the humans while wearing a new skin, all through the eyes of a Neverborn.

With From Nightmares, Fated characters can now finally play as various Neverborn species through the new Bloodlines Tarot system. Whether you’ve always wanted to play as a Mimic, Nephilim/Half-Blood, Woe, or Nightmare (with more options available the more advanced you go; one does not simply become a Puppetmaster or Supplicant to the Autumn Queen overnight), these dark paths are now available at the flip of a card (or, you know, a personal choice if you don’t want to suits to define your way). When choosing a Neverborn species, players will also have a new Talent pool to pull from, called Gifts of Darkness, which represent the natural gifts that the world of Malifaux has bestowed upon them.