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Wyrd Previews Asami Tanaka Takusen for Malifaux

The characters in Malifaux sometimes get new abilities and stats. These new iterations get different titles based on these changes. In this case, we're looking at a new title for Asami Tanaka. It's her Takusen version and you can see what new things she's capable of inside.

From the post:

Hey Wyrdos,

This week, after performing one too many séances, Waldo found a new appreciation in scented candles. Unfortunately, none of the local candle shops offered any of his favorite associated aromas, so he decided to make his own.

So, while we try to figure out how to get the smell of “Scorched Packing Peanuts” off the walls and furniture, let’s take a look at the upcoming title for Asami: Takusen!

Asami has learned a great deal about herself and her capabilities since she was first introduced into Malifaux in Ripples of Fate. Thanks to the guidance of Yan Lo, Asami has found a deeper understanding in her connection to the Beyond in ways that she never could have imagined without his lessons.

Where shame and fear once consumed her, now confidence and control have taken their place. With Amanjaku’s sudden silence – largely due to quelling the warlord Lingxuzi, Asami has embraced a blissful calm and quiet. In this temporary peace, she has found a rare opportunity to focus on what she once feared, and to limit Oni from crossing over from the Beyond and into Malifaux.

She still has a great deal to learn, but she is no longer a puppet to demons from another realm; the power she wields now is hers and hers alone.