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Wyrd Previews Artwork For Daeva

Wyrd has posted up some new artwork to get you excited about the upcoming faction for Malifaux, the Explorer's Society. They're the Daeva and they look like some sort of tall, lanky, gentleman. They've got really long arms and long fingers. They're like some sort of slender... man... or something.

From the post:

This week, Waldo’s taken up a new hobby: shadow puppets! So far he’s mastered making a dog, a turkey, and a bat (those wings come in handy). Some of his shadow puppets looked frighteningly toothy and tentacle-y, so we hid the flashlights and batteries. Hopefully Waldo doesn’t find any candles…

Speaking of shadows, the ones around the office seem to have gotten much darker than usual. We’ve tried to brighten the place up as much as possible, but no matter what we do it always seems like the gloom keeps coming back. Waldo is the most likely culprit (being shady because we locked up the batteries, no doubt), but we want to make sure. We took a few pictures of the darkest and spookiest corners of the office; check them out and let us know if you find anything…