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Wyrd Previews A Page From Ten Thunders Book for Malifaux

Another week, another look at the upcoming Malifaux 3rd Edition from Wyrd. This time around, we get a peek inside one of the upcoming faction books for the game, specifically, the Ten Thunders book. There's supposed to be some storms around Atlanta this weekend. I wonder if the two are related... ... hmm...

From the post:

Hey Wyrdos,

This week, we found Waldo eating all of our upcoming Faction books for Malifaux Third Edition. Before we had him spit it all out and rearrange the pages so that they could be shipped out (and rip out his impish horns as recompense), we needed to know why. With a confetti-filled burp, he responded that he was hungry for static poses.

In order to cool off, we’re doing something a little special and revealing the one page from the upcoming Ten Thunders Faction book that he didn’t eat, the Torakage!