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Wyrd Posts Vagrantsong Trailer, Starts Taking Pre-Orders

Vagrantsong is the new board game coming from Wyrd all about riding the rails in the world of Malifaux. The release is just around the corner, and to hype you up, they've posted a trailer video for the game. Along with that, they have demos scheduled online that you can check out. Finally, pre-orders are also up and going now so you can make sure you get your game as soon as it's available.

From the update:


This week, things at the Wyrd office are getting awfully spooky. Rather than tell you what’s happening on the nearby tracks, let’s take a look instead.

Vagrantsong is an upcoming cooperative and story-driven boss battler where up to 4 players will take on the roles of Vagrants as they try to find a way off a supernatural ghost train. Along the way, Vagrants will encounter Haints (the lingering spirits who are trapped on the Silver Ferryman), who will stop at nothing to make sure that the Vagrants lose all their Humanity and stay aboard… forever.

Vagrantsong will be available at Gen Con as a pre-release and will be reaching local game store shelves later this fall. With over 20 Scenarios and 30 hours of cooperative and challenging gameplay, there’s enough content in Vagrantsong to haunt you and your friends until the Silver Ferryman’s last stop!