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Wyrd Posts Through the Breach One Shot Preview

One-shot adventures are great to insert into your overall RPG campaign to add some zest or spice to the game. Or, you can just get a group of friends together and throw a game night and not worry about a bigger campaign. Either way, they're very handy for GMs to have on hand. And for those playing Through the Breach, a new Penny Dreadful One-Shot is ready for you. It's called Bubbling Up From Below, and you can get a look at it in this preview from Wyrd.

From the post:

Hey Wyrdos,

This week, Waldo told us that he wanted to participate in some human Halloween traditions, so we suggested something simple: bobbing for apples. Lo and behold, the next day we arrived at work, our parking spaces were taken up with an above-ground pool. While some of us initially thought that he outdid himself, we were all collectively horrified when we saw corpses floating in the water. With a mouthful of candy, Waldo pointed at each and every one of us and shouted, “Whatcha waiting for? Get in there, you appholes!”

So while we explain (and clean up) this horrible miscommunication, let’s take a look at a brand new One Shot for Through the Breach: Bubbling Up From Below!