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Wyrd Posts Preview of Hans from Malifaux

The new edition of Malifaux is just around the corner and Wyrd is starting to show off some more figures for it. In this case, we have the legendary sniper, Hans. He's ready to reach out and touch his foes at a distance, and you can get a look at him in this preview.

From the post:

Hey Wyrdos,

This week, we found Waldo on the roof sleeping like a baby. A snoring, farting, giggling devil baby, but a baby all the same. He was surrounded in shredded M2E books that were being used as bedding and Teddy plush prototypes that were just a little too creepy to go into production (yep, even for us). He must have been dreaming about robbing someone at gunpoint, because he was pointing finger guns and murmuring “pew pew” in between snorts and chortles.

Rather than wake him up, we decided to enjoy the peace and quiet by revealing another new look for an old favorite.

Sting. Beck. Cher. Bono. Banksy. There are only a handful of people in the world who are recognized enough without needing a last name. Hans, the best sniper to the highest bidder, is one such person. If you want the job done, and the job done right, you just need to say his name. And provide a hefty amount of scrip beforehand, of course.