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Wyrd Looks at December Releases

We're 1/3 of the way through December. The year's almost up, but that means there's still time for some new releases. And that's what Wyrd's taking a look at here with a look at their December releases.

From the article:

It's December, it's cold, and we already have a hot cocoa addiction around here with Waldo that we're trying to limit but the little guy just loves those marshmallows way too much! At least it's not pumpkin spice this year ...

The newest addition to Malifaux has arrived with a new faction, the Explorer's Society. If you haven't already, pick it up from your FLGS and while you're at it, remember that we're running a promotion to get the free PDF as well from now until January 31st. 

This month sees the release of several new crew boxes, including Nekima, Yan Lo and of course, the much anticipated great hunter, Lord Cooper! 

The following items will be available for pick up at your Local Game Store later this month.

WYR30210     Penny Dreadful: Days Without Accident   $   25.00

WYR23801     Lord Cooper Core Box   $   55.00

WYR23413     Nekima Core Box   $   60.00

WYR23802     On the Hunt   $   45.00

WYR23415     Blood Brood   $   35.00

WYR23710     Yan Lo Core Box   $   55.00

WYR23702     Deadly Performance   $   35.00

WYR23117     Keeping the Peace   $   45.00