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Wyrd Announces Vagrantsong Board Game

You and your fellow vagabonds are just traveling from place to place as you please when you decide to hop onto a train. Little do you know that this train isn't the Santa Fe Superchief, but is a ghost train and the spirits on board are all too happy to have you as company... forever. That's where you find yourself in Vagrantsong, a new cooperative board game by Wyrd.

From the announcement:

Vagrantsong is a 2-4 player campaign game that takes place on a haunted train, with heavy inspiration taken from American folklore, folk songs, and ghost stories. As a fully cooperative boss-battler, you and your new friends will take on the roles of Vagrants who are trying to escape this ghostly train. You will have to work together to face your fears, reveal the mystery behind the Silver Ferryman, and devise a plan on how to stop it.

Haints, the lost spirits aboard the Silver Ferryman, will do everything in their power to ensure that Vagrants stay just as trapped in this place as they are… It’s up to the players to figure out how to save these lingering souls while also trying to free themselves before it’s too late.

Throughout Vagrantsong’s 20+ Scenarios, you’ll be facing off against many Haints, each with their own unique mechanics, goals, and challenges. Every Scenario is completely different – all killer and no filler!

Haints are fully automated; there’s no need for a game master or another player to take up the role. Performing a Haint’s Action is as simple as drawing a Token from the Bindle bag.