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Wyrd Announces June Release Date for Bayou Bash

Look, having been in the gaming industry in the production side of things, I get games being pushed back... and it happening again... and again... and again. It's sometimes just unavoidable. Well, that's been happening with Bayou Bash from Wyrd. But now, after years of delays and setbacks, they're finally able to say the game will be available in June.

From the website:

This week, we’re too excited to even pay attention to Waldo. So while he’s off doing whatever it is that he does when we look the other way, we’d like to make a very special announcement:

It’s coming. No, really this time. Seriously.

The long-awaited beat-‘em-up racing game, Bayou Bash, will be releasing June 2021 for just $55.

Between now and its release, we’ll be covering how to play Bayou Bash, each racer and their many unique antics, and more.

Stay tuned!