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Wyrd Announces Direct to Retail Program

A game can be the greatest game ever, but if you can't get a hold of it, what good does it do you? Well, if you want to get games from Wyrd but your LGS hasn't been able to make it happen through their current distribution channels, Wyrd's opening up a Direct Retail Program to sell their products right to your game store.

From the post:

2019 was both an exciting and challenging time for us at Wyrd, and in 2020, we are looking for ways to improve and grow. One of the biggest obstacles we saw last year was getting our games onto store shelves through traditional means.

To address this, we have begun the Direct to Retail program.

If your brick and mortar local game store is having issues receiving our products, let them know that a new option is now available.

If you are one of those stores that has experienced difficulty stocking any of our items, head over to our Direct to Retail page to find out more details, including how and where to sign up.

The program is now live, but please allow for some time to go through the application process.