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Wyrd Announces Delays in Release Schedule

Gaming is a global industry. Games can be designed in one country, developed in another, and produced in a third for shipping all over the world. So, while something may  not be taking place right in our back yard, it can still have an effect on the gaming world. For example, the deadly Coronavirus epidemic. Wyrd has announced that due to this terrible disease, their releases are going to be delayed.

From the post:

Hey everyone,

Despite wanting to stay in our own alternate universe, the real world sometimes makes that impossible. Like many other industries and companies, our production schedule has been impacted by the safety measures taken to help control the coronavirus epidemic.

We are doing our best to keep everything on track, but health and safety come first; as such, our upcoming releases for February and March might be pushed back a little bit. We will keep everyone updated as we get more information.

We thank you for your understanding during this time; stay safe, and we wish the best for all those affected by the virus.