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Wu Wei Now Available From Gray Wolf Games

The master teaches the student, and the knowledge of ages is passed down to a new generation. That is the theme of Wu Wei, a new board game available from Gray Wolf Games. Players take on the role of both master and student as they travel the land, seeking guidance from the animal masters in the world. The first to successfully do so will lead the age.

From the website:

In this tabletop adventure, masters secretly train students to become martial arts lineage holders while an ambitious new emperor tries to unify his people under one banner. Leap into the world of Wu Wei and sharpen your skills with new strategies and rapidly changing circumstances.

Lead your student on a journey to earn five animal cards while your master maintains your lineage marker and cultivates chi. Once you have all five animal cards and your lineage marker, you can move your student and master to the center octagon. The first player to do so has successfully passed on their martial arts lineage, and wins the game!