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World of Aetaltis Setting Guide Up On Kickstarter

There's a new campaign setting guide for your 5th Edition RPG games up on Kickstarter. It's called World of Aetaltis, and it looks to bring new life to all the old tropes that we see so often. With a spin here, a twist here, and a reimagining over there, it is a familiar world that is also filled with surprises. The campaign is running now.

From the campaign:

We want to publish the three core books and an adventure for the World of Aetaltis, a heroic fantasy campaign setting created for the Fifth Edition of the world's most popular role-playing game! We spent the last five years working out the kinks, testing the rules, successfully fulfilling two previous Kickstarters, and getting everything ready to go for this campaign! Now we're ready to bring these core books to you.

So what makes Aetaltis special? Aetaltis takes everything you've ever loved about fantasy RPG worlds and gives it new life. We aren't turning our backs on classic fantasy elements or throwing out the stuff that made fantasy so popular with gamers to begin with. Instead, we embraced it all, made it cooler than ever, and used it to make a world that is deeply familiar yet totally new at the same time!

In Aetaltis, you and your friends will explore a fantastic new world of adventure where:

  •  Dwarven zealots engage in a brutal guerrilla war to retake their lost Deepland homes from a seemingly unstoppable horde of monsters.
  •  Humans lead an alliance of races from another world who were trapped on Aetaltis after the cataclysmic destruction of the world gates.
  •  Magic is as terrifying as it is powerful, requiring spellcasters to take exceptional care or risk losing control of the supernatural powers at their command.
  •  Feline-featured drothmal barbarians from the Icebound Plains wade into battle with wild, terrifying abandon, reveling in every wound they take as a blessing from the God of Trial.
  •  The spirits of the fey are so deeply entwined with the power of magic, it causes these otherworldly beings to take on myriad physical forms, from elves to sprites to fairies.
  •  Ten foot tall orog mercenaries wage an endless war against enemies on the battlefield—and the darkness that corrupts their souls.

You are the heroes of a new age—a spark of hope in a land where danger and the forces of darkness assail you on every front. You are stalwart warriors, clever wizards, pious priests, and crafty rogues: daring adventurers who aren't waiting for some great king or a distant god to rescue them. You're taking matters into your own hands and bringing the fight to the enemy!

The campaign's making its way up to its funding goal with 22 days left to go.