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World Dumbination Coming to Kickstarter

The aliens have been watching. And they've not been happy with what they've seen. While there are a lot of intelligent people on Earth, it seems that the ones in charge are acting like children. So, they've scooped up much of the population and moved them to a new Earth. That leaves those behind, and they're looking to take the opportunity to conquer what's left of society. That's the story behind World Dumbination, a new board game coming to Kickstarter on April 23rd.

About the game:

For decades our planet has been monitored by alien species. Worried by recent events, enormous alien spaceships are sent towards earth. Announcing they come to save us from our self-inflicted fate, people rush to get onboard the spaceships. But the aliens will only let the smart people on-board, leaving the less gifted behind. Most of the leaders get in, but some didn’t make the cut, for more or less obvious reasons.

In world Dumbination you play as these five leaders left on earth; Trump, Maduro, Putin, Erdoğan and of course Kim Jong-un!

It’s never been easier to conquer the world. Can you make it to world domination, collectively declare world peace, or will you all destroy the planet in a spectacular nuclear meltdown?

Take your seat as a crazy leader in a game of World Dumbination!