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Wizards of the Cost Previews New Dungeons & Dragons Adventures

With the release of the new Eberron book for Dungeons & Dragons, players are able to head into that war-ravaged world and see if they can pick up the pieces after a terrible conflict. Wizards of the Coast is always big on giving DMs resources for running their games, and that includes the Adventure League. WotC has posted up the new upcoming Oracle of War campaign preview for you to check out.

From the website:

On December 2, 2019, the first adventure in the Oracle of War campaign officially releases on the DMs Guild. This adventure, The Night Land, launches the characters on a world-spanning story. The characters begin the Tier 1 “Spoils of War” chapter of the campaign as treasure-seeking scavengers, eking out a rough living by trekking into the Mournland to find lost treasures left behind in the nation of Cyre after it was devastated on the Day of Mourning.

On the first Tuesday of each month hereafter, a new adventure will be released, and after a wildly successful preview at Gamehole Con 2019, these adventures are primed and ready to take players into the known and unknown vistas of the Eberron setting.