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Wizards of the Coast Previews New Mages for Dungeons & Dragons

Unearthed Arcana is Wizards of the Coast's way to get some Dungeons & Dragons playtest material out to you and see how it goes. This time around, they've got give new mage styles for those attending Strixhaven, a school all about teaching magic to students.

From the post:

Become a student of magic in this installment of Unearthed Arcana! This playtest document presents five subclasses for Dungeons & Dragons. Each of these subclasses allows you to play a mage associated with one of the five colleges of Strixhaven, a university of magic. These subclasses are special, with each one being available to more than one class.

We’ll release a playtest survey on this website soon. When we do, please let us know what you think of these options. Your feedback can help shape future D&D books!