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WizKids Revisiting Visible Dials for HeroClix

No, the dials aren't going to be clear now on HeroClix figures. However, since the dials are printed on the back of the hero's stat cards, WizKids is going to be changing their game rules so that one player can look at another player's stat card whenever they want. Now, many games have such open information already. Now, it's just coming to the HeroClix world.

From the post:

Back in 2016 we described our plan for placing the HeroClix dial information on the front of the character card and allowing it to be visible to all players. This caused a lot of concern in the Clix Community, and ultimately, we made a less dramatic change to HeroClix character cards – one where we’d put the dial on the back so the controlling player could view their own dials.

With WWE HeroClix on the horizon, adding new Standard Powers to the PAC and hopefully an influx of new players into our game, we re-investigated the benefits of all players being able to view the combat dial on each figure.

As you may have heard us communicate at shows like Origins, WizKids World Championships, or Alliance Open House, one of our goals with products like WWE or The Orville is that we will attract people who aren’t already playing HeroClix. We know that many locations in the HeroClix community do a great job socially of welcoming to these people, and we’re sincerely appreciative of that. We believe that making the game easier to enjoy and understand is an important part of what we as a company can do to support players and retailers who are getting HeroClix newbies up to speed as invested players. Visible dials are a part of that. Starting November 6th, 2019 (two weeks after the official North American release date for WWE HeroClix) the HeroClix tournament rules section about “Character Cards with Visible Dials” will be amended to say the following:

Character Cards with Visible Dials: A player may ask to view another player’s card at any time. Players should not spend an excessive amount of time reviewing character cards.